the VIP Lounge Radio

Welcome to the VIP lounge radio group, a part of the VIP Lounge. We are a family of radio stations dedicated to inform, entertain, and help visually impaired people around the world.

We are not just another internet radio station. Our family of stations change lives and help build confidence by inviting our loungers to participate in running these radio stations. It’s a place where folks can be part of something bigger than themselves. A place to make friends, find out about current trends in the VI community, and share knowledge and experiences. Plus, listen to some great music! Our first station launched on December 7, 2015. And, we are bringing our fifth station onboard just under a year later.

We are currently working on our brand new site. So please be patient with us as we bring you a better and more interactive experience.
We hope you stick around and enjoy what we have to offer: Interesting, educational, or at the very least entertaining!

Aside from The radio group, the VIP Lounge has always been dedicated to help blind and visually impaired, as well as multiple handicapped people find employment, seek counseling, become self-advocates, lend moral support, and in general stand up for their rights.
To find out more about the VIP Lounge as a whole, visit our website with resources, news, and contact information to be a part of the lounge!
Link to the VIP Lounge website
Or, join our Facebook group
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We’re glad you stopped by and hope you find something interesting here at the VIP Lounge Radio!